Cat Sand Painting Board - 5" x 7" - Choose Up To 5 Sand Colors

Cat Sand Painting Board - 5" x 7" - Choose Up To 5 Sand Colors - Sand Art And More by Lisa

Custom Printing And More by Lisa


Sand art painting boards are pretty cool. This cat sand painting board is 5" x 7" and you can choose up to 5 sand colors. They take a little patience and brings out a lot of creativity in the person making it. Each type of painting board lists how many colors of sand you can choose and you can pick from the list of 32 colors. When ordering, please submit a note stating the colors of sand that you want. 

Guidelines On How To Make A Sand Art Painting Board: Empty each sand color into a separate container. Place something underneath the board in order to catch the unused sand. On the board, peel up each section one at a time. You may want to use a pair of tweezers or other instrument to help pull up the piece off of the board to reveal the sticky part. I suggest working from the middle of the picture and the out to the edge. After you peel one section, spread the sand color that you want in that section so that it is covered. Pour the remaining sand back into its container. Repeat the process until the whole board is covered in color.